A crane is depicted in the logo of Van Hes Holding and Van Hes Legal. The crane has a strong character and has a century-old global symbolism.

The crane is a tireless bird, which flies with an outstretched neck and is the only large bird that flies in an orderly formation with occasionally a suspended break. The movements of the crane are peaceful and powerful at the same time. His arrival announces springtime and that is why the crane is a symbol of renewal.

In many cultures, beliefs and myths cranes have a strong positive symbolic meaning. In Japan, China and other Asian countries, the crane is not only a symbol for a long life, peace and justice but it is also the messenger of wisdom. The white crane, according to the Tibetans, is the symbol of freedom. In Christianity the crane is the symbol of alertness, watchfulness and farsightedness. In the Greek mythological story of Ibycus a thief attacks Ibycus and leaves him for dead. Ibycus calls to a flock of passing cranes. The cranes follow the murderer and hover over him until, stricken with guilt, he confesses to the crime.

This broad-based positive symbolism of the crane has many interfaces with the vision of the Van Hes Group. Core values of that vision are accuracy and prudence, renewal and change, ingenuousness and justice.

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