Van Hes Legal provides interim legal support to organisations since 2006. These organisations can range from a governmental organisation, a self-governing body to a commercial company. Van Hes Legal gives the legal needs of the organisations always a central role.

The need for legal support may occur in implementing new legislation, projects, Document review (eDiscovery), the temporary strengthening of a team, fulfilling interim functions in the event of a vacancy or during the leave of employees.

Van Hes Legal has its own lawyer, mr. J.W. van Hes ( ) who acts as a legal consultant for organisations. If the need calls for other legal expertise or more lawyers, Van Hes Legal taps into her wide network of (independent) lawyers. Van Hes Legal works with appropriate pricing, depending on the nature and extent of the legal needs that the organisation has.

In short: Van Hes Legal has a direct and flexible solution for professional legal support, tuned in to the needs of the organisation, and is, because of its sharp pricing, a good alternative to hiring a big consulting law firm.

On the page services you can read more about the support Van Hes Legal can offer.




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