Legal support can be given by . Johan van Hes holds the Dutch degree equal to the degree LLM. Johan van Hes is the founder of Van Hes Legal. Johan is a pragmatic generalist with a broad legal experience, in particular obtained within the (semi-)government. In his work for the (semi-)government Johan mostly works on the crossings of corporate and public law. Johan has a high amount of experience in drafting legislation.

After his education at the HEAO-MER (Management, Economics and Law) Johan obtained a degree in Dutch law at the University of Groningen. After his studies Johan took various post academic courses and training, including the CPO Dutch Corporate Lawyer Study.

Of course, Johan van Hes is not a specialist in every legal area. To be able to meet all specific needs, Van Hes Legal has a broad network of fellow lawyers, making it possible to quickly find the appropriate lawyer(s).

Please visit the contact page if you wish to receive the curriculum vitae of Johan van Hes and/or for any answers to your particular requests. A client overview can be found on the clients page.

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