The legal support is tailored to the needs of organisations. Because of this approach Van Hes Legal always makes an inventory of the legal needs, after which the most efficient support is formulated and put into a non-binding offer.

Often it is desirable or even necessary that the support takes place on location, usually using the infrastructure of the organisation. In some situations it is also possible to offer support from a distance. A combination of support locally and remotely is also feasible.

The duration and intensity of legal support depends on the specific requirements and is tailored to the needs. In some instances it is necessary to provide full time support and in other situations part time support will meet the needs. The time frame of the support can range from a week to more than a year.

This approach leads to flexible and (cost)efficient hiring of specific legal staff.


All support is defined in a clear agreement, specifying the support and conditions. Van Hes Legal does not work with a separate set of general conditions. All the conditions are in the agreement itself. As a result, there is no ambiguity about applicability of conditions and there is no separate document with conditions in small print.

Van Hes Legal has a professional liability insurance for lawyers and an insurance for company liability.


The great diversity in specific needs and wishes of organisations calls for tailored pricing. Van Hes Legal works with hourly rates. The hourly rate may vary. Aspects that influence the level of the hourly rate include are the duration and nature of the legal support. Another important factor is the experience and skill-level of the lawyer(s). In addition, the hourly rate is dependent on the pricing structure. Van Hes Legal usually agrees upon an all-in rate.

There are no additional costs, like costs for a back office.

Hiring a lawyer for a specific and defined need at a pre-agreed hourly rate provides great flexibility and (cost)transparency.

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